About Me

I am a lover of words and their power to paint a picture or communicate a message to nearly anyone. Whether sung, spoken, or… written, words have power, and I enjoy using them in all forms to speak life into others. Through Live Your Story and the opportunities God gives me to speak and sing, I hope to invite others into my story, inspire them to think deeply about their own lives, and encourage them to live their own stories courageously. I want to help people find their God-designed identity, their place in the Body of Christ, and the intention God has for their involvement in His Kingdom.

The journey to discovering who we are and why we’re on the planet is a long one, and can look intimidating at times. I don’t have it all figured out, but I am passionate about walking alongside others on the path. I know communicating God’s heart to people through writing, teaching, and music is one of the reasons I’m on earth, and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned.

While writing is certainly near the top of the list when it comes to my favorite activities, singing may be at the top. (Check out the video below if you want to hear a bit.) Perhaps one day, I’ll combine them and write music. 🙂 Reading, teaching, listening to music, listening to people, holding babies, and making food which others enjoy also rank high on the list.

Please feel free to leave comments and tell me a bit about yourself as well. We are made to do life with one another, and I look forward to learning from you as you share some of your stories with me.